Pleasant small town in a bend of river Drau surrounded by mountains in a broad opening of the Alps. The only one in Austria to have kept its coat of arms and seal identical since 13th century. SPAs, which we will visit tomorrow before driving on to Vienna.
Very proud memorial to the deads of WWI, for fatherland and Germanness. Somewhat more subdue, just as proud memorial to the 159th Gebirgenjaeger, 113rd Gebirgenartillerie and "seamen" for WWII.
"Italienerstrasse" out of the centre still has a few Italian shop names. How much older or newer than other Little Italies?
Oh, by the way, the coat of arms is an eagle’s leg and talon, looking right of the bearer – left of the viewer.
Tried SPA on 14th August. Basic pool and sauna, very crowded by noon on a rainyish day.