Two years ago, I was surprised to find it’s on the Danube. Hopefully getting a better idea today.
A small, nice, polished Central European town centre. My wife and son found it little interesting. I was a bit more, although having seen it quite a bit less. I may be more prepared to and interested in accepting a limited tourist value being driven and pushed hard and comparatively well.
And clearly there is a strong effort going on to launch a tourist business on a limited basis of attractive. In some areas – catering – attention and enthusiasm is still much greater than success. Italian Riviera Romagnola business 50-40 years ago must have been similar, and Portugal’s 30. Bratislava has the great benefit of hindsight and Central European organizational seriousness. One of the outstanding challenges is business driving up accomodation prices in the area. Other countries have their tourist resorts and their business investment areas further apart.
Looking forward to seeing it again in few years, or spending more time there shortly.