The Economist devotes a special report to Amazon’s business evolving from ecommercing physical items to ecommercing digital ("downloadable") ones.
What does it have to do with Web 2.0? A key driver and enabler of Web 2.0 will be easy, fair, rewarding use of entertainment to be integrated in all sorts of application. Rewarding as in "to all parties involved".
What’s the good thing of CDs compared with music downloads? They work everywhere with very, very many devices and are as fairly obtained as you want them.
Amazon is now selling lots of CDs and other content on physical media, eg. books etc. Books also work just about everywhere…
How can Amazon help Microsoft, eBay, entertainment majors and indie bands, and make Web 2.0 really come of age?
By helping a fair, universal, easy DRM technology platform and business model emerge. They are the ideal place to do so. Let’s see what it takes.