The story is everywhere – just look at Wikipedia where a few careful researchers have been putting their findings – thanks folks.
The best comments are likely on science/technology forums, such as physorg. Refreshing to look at sci/tech outside IT for a change.
Two reasons it feels great:
  1. the archetipal experiment in discussions over science fundamentals: this is First Law of Thermodynamics, or energy conservation! It’s as close as it gets to alchemists turning vile metals into gold.
  2. the archetipal experiment in playing with media on a infinitesimally likely gold egg-laying duck. (Note the smart thought of  choosing a unique enough name that will tag everything they touch on any search engine worth its salt).

In sum, it feels exactly like the opening page of a Science Fiction short story of the Sixties. We are all dreaming of being in one, whatever we think of it – such short stories, indeed, came into both the miracle invention and the hoax version.

Thanks to "The Economist" for taking the ad.