Now that was a surprise, earlier this week!
It took a business invitation for me to get to see it, way past typical rowdy partying age. Omens were dire, as I have considered "business partying" an oximoron.
Still, it has been such a positive surprise that I am now seriously planning to bring in family, including teen-age children and friends, next year.
What’s so special? An amazing combination of a tourist festival and a local tradition.
The tourist event includes worldwide show-business stars sporting traditional Bavarian dress, Asian travelers in Lederhosen, hundreds of thousands of visitors making it arguably the largest party in the (western, likely) world.
The local community traditional celebration is by far the strongest-felt I have ever seen in any small town and village, let alone a European-level metropolis like Munich. Makes me wish I had one in my town.
The good food, and especially the mood, drive the case for bringing growing teen-agers on the verge of under-age drinking there. There they will see:
  • the pleasant, appealing side of alcohol – at its best as a mood-inducing drug, with friendly people actively seeking a good time and company,
  • still a clear example of its negative effects even in these best conditions – by the end of the party many of these nice and friendly people will be stunned, staggering and sick

In the end, the mood was so good that even in "business partying" the positive effects of friendly networking outweighed the hard ones of drinking. Another first!

Looking forward to getting back there with other friends.