Short fictional epistulary exchange between a German and a American Jewish art dealers around the rise – resistible of course – of Adolf Hitler. Kressmann Taylor the author. Printed and successful in the US in 1938, then reprinted 1995 – printed in our country in 2000.
Recommended by our child, who received it from their main teacher.
How will he describe, summarize, understand it? Who is the ‘hero’ there? – Our child is preparing a dissertation about heroes for his year-end and school cycle-end exam.
Two points our child used to introduce and recommend the book to me:
  1. it has a sombre ending
  2. it is very short

What I see:

  1. a simple, effective snapshot of how a smart, learned, wealthy person may have chosen Hitler in Germany in the early 1930s
  2. a tangible example of how dictatorship gets bad
  3. an obvious evidence concentration camps were known in and outside Germany well before the war

all of that dated 1938, so while much of the western world was still appreciative or inquisitive about what was happening in Germany.

So, once again, who’s the hero here?