This famous comic book, then film is one of the subjects in our child’s school year-end dissertation about heroes.
Now, one plot enhancement in the movie just happens to be related with the main heritage in the school’s history.
The movie adds Venice as a location (with Captain Nemo’s huge Nautilus submarine ludicrously sailing along the town’s canals, way out of its depths…) and mentions an international convention there. THe story is meant to take place in 1899.
It just turns out there was indeed an international (European, of course) convention in 1999, namely in Den Haag – The Hague.
Subject of that convention was legal treatment of war deeds including war crimes – establishing legal basis for international law courts and transitioning the last remnants of officiers’ chivalry into international law.
One of the results was confirming the legal status of freedom fighters against occupying armies as soldiers – rather than rebels and traitors and criminals. WWII made that very relevant in Europe, and our child’s school is one of the related consequences.
Small world, isn’t it?