something important in common with "everything and more": I will need – and want – to read both one more time.
Here superheroes fully know how strange they are and what is this doing to the world they live in. The whole point of this alternative history is: what if they were real?
To exploit this approach in full, the ultimate superhero was crafted:
  1. with a ridiculously old-fashioned pulp-magazine-styled creation process: gets locked into an experimental device
  2. with the simplest, most powerful capabilities: being in – so, knowing – all past and future time and crafting anything from elementary particles (obviously free from energy and information management constraints). Omniscience and omnipresence are then just side effects. Truly, "God exists, and he’s American".

THe best  observation and review point is really from our child while preparing its dissertation:

  1. it’s curious that WB made a movie out of a UK-based story – "V for Vendetta" rather than a similar US-based story by the same author – "Watchmen"
  2. this is probably due to how negative the main superheroes in "Watchmen" are
  3. there really are three most offensive superheroes – and this is the best bit for me
    1. the comedian – of course
    2. Rorschach – of course
    3. Dr. Manhattan

Now, that’s (Dr. Manhattan’s) interesting. After all, he is for all intents and purposes god and does look favourably at America as well as at humanity. He even has a human, and American, girl friend. So, how is this negative for an American perspective? 

He’s estranged from America and Humanity rather than helping them which, in the alternative story being told, would mean let them rule the world. Fair point then.