of all things, at this time of life.
Following the Live Earth initiative, the search is on for behaviours, however small, that are clearly positive in their environmental impact even including as many trade-offs as you may think of. This helps overcome the lack of detailed analysis for those trade offs.
An obvious one, both as ‘easy to think about’ and ‘apparent’, is tweaking the accepted behaviour of being seen around toting, or handling, or drinking from, a mineral water bottle: carrying, showing off and using a hiking ‘canteen’ or ‘water bottle’, that is a permanent one, conspicuously refilled from tap water.   
Added benefits:
  • obviously heavily used, from hiking trips, so pre-bought which eases the trade-off of buying persistent reusable versus keeping using and recycling throwaway
  • branded, in case somebody cares, distancing from no-logo dogma
  • tap water is really what this is about, so much more than the more apparent bottle itself