Ieri sera abbiamo partecipato a un’esperienza semplice, profonda e raffinata insieme. Last night we had a deep, simple and sophisticated experience at the same time.
It’s about theatre at its most basic and sophisticated, and how such a complex professional achievement can go hand in hand with our most basic roots, in entertainment and in life itself. Do look out for "Il teatro delle ariette" if you are around Northern Italy or they come near you.
Teatro delle ariette puts together in a same evening, in what you then realise to have been a same, exended, show:
market square lotteries and lampoon mime, bio food production and cooking, hen and geese and as puzzling an avant-garde wordless performance as my negligible theatrical wits can manage to enjoy without understanding, sheep and their dog and and a breathtaking monologue about the revolution that is as close to coming as it was a hundred years ago, only now we realise or assume it likely won’t… all while throwing confetti (in bags and loose) and pop-corn (in bags), and getting you to throw confetti back at them (yes, you can throw pop-corn, too, and hen will likely pluck some of it).
Oh, sure enough, a pony does go with the dog and other animals.
As I walked away with my family I realized that the most powerful message is in the choice of doing it all together. 
It’s that yes, there was a thread tying together the fact that the monologue’s actress had knead and shaped dough for the tigelle you ate before, and the fact that sophisticated theatre was delivered to 50 people rubbing shoulders along thin and low benches, so the performance’s duration has more to do with your hips’ and back’s resistance than with the mime’s and almost wordless "poet"’s, and that you learn how geese move much more purposefully and closely as a group than hens do, as they wander through the scene literally between the feet of the first row of spectators.
In the end, this most powerful message is that you can do culture and handicraft and animal husbandry and organic agriculture and cooking at the same time, and for a better reason than each of them is culture. You can because the combination of them is culture, and makes you better at it as it ties you and your public better to the roots of what you are doing every day.
So that doing such things together might be a way to actually do a bit of an actual revolution, mightn’t it?