A few of us and children got to watch "Neri per caso", two more or less new bands – "Greenwich" and "Il Nucleo" – and Adriano Pappalardo play last night in Bresso.
Neri per caso are great to watch up close, and we could since there were very few people, as they sing a cappella and put up a number of physical tricks to round up the sound of what they sing, and to keep time and in synch with each other I guess.
The two new bands – Greenwich and Nucleo – were just what our kids could become in a few years if they do feel like it.
Adriano Pappalardo was his obnoxious self ‘as seen on tv’ so many times.
I am absolutel sure kids have figured both lessons out:
  1. he sure had the best band of the day accompanying him, and that still leaves him the jerk he is.
  2. And the other way round: you can be the best session man in the evening, your job can still get you to have to play for obnoxious jerks. Think a whole tour with that kind of person.

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