I visited this small town yesterday with people who have long been engaged in its history – both as students of this history as we sometimes are and as part of it and actor in it as we all are where we live, or have lived and return.
Various interesting sights and experiences, from the belltower of the main church with stories about what made its spire white to alpeggi in former mountain meadows now turning into woods and crumbling as fewer and fewer people still care to use them even for leisure time, even as some can finally be reached by motor vehicles. Old German names from Walser middle-age settlements blending and disappearing into Italian business as economy changes over centuries. The old quarry – www.anticacava.it burrowing in a lode from where special marble was taken for many special buildings in Northern Italy, similar to the more renown Candoglia quarries just across the river.
There would be surely more that we have skipped or ignored and others may know and cherish even more than these.
Emotions and insights, with one final question in the end: what makes a place the focus of people’s sense of belonging?
How does a person develop a sense of belonging to a place, or rather a community, and how come some communities do drive a sense of belonging in people?