Over the last few weeks my family and I came up with a great way to spend more time together outdoors doing pleasant and soft physical activity.

However convenient and fun bicycles are, some of us have struggled using one.
So, taking the opportunity of an important family anniversary, we have equipped ourselves with a trike. That is of course a tricycle, with two wheels and a large carrying basket on the back – a three-wheel equivalent of a bike, slower and heavier but much more stable and more suitable for carrying bulky items.

So far, we have used it a few times for riding around town in low traffic times. We have yet to take to commuting to work or shopping. Sightseeing together at a bike-like pace, much faster than walking and still allowing our eye and mind to perceive so much detail along the road, has been a great way to spend time together.

It’s amazing how we can find new experiences and things to do after so many years. And how strong people are who can comfortably show their weaknesses.